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point-blankHire from $200!!

Point Blank would have to be the all time great of Shooting Games!!

Every kid and teenager in the 90's knew about this game, and came from far and wide just to put $1 in to play it. But surprisingly, every kid and teenager from the 2000's onwards knows about Point Blank as well... This game is one of the few that surpases time... And can still be seen in the Arcades today!

With 4 main areas of play (Training, Beginner, Expert and Very Hard), Point Blank has a difficulty level for everyone. Combine that with the cartoon-style shooter that everyone knows and loves, and you have the perfect game for any party, function or event.

But don't be fooled... Point Blank may have been a childhood favourite, but that doesn't mean you can master it's levels now... Many people who have hired this game think they know how to play it, but wind up missing out on all the big points, and bonuses offerered throught the game, only to stand there all night continuing to play until they can finally master it again, just like in the old days!

Point Blank has 52 stages to complete, from "Training" to "Very Hard", so it is guarenteed to keep your guests entertained long through the night.

Short and Long Term hires available.

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Below is a video of Point Blank for your enjoyment: