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High Speed II: The Getaway Pinball

Hire from $220!!

High Speed II: The Getaway Pinball is the game that features the "Super Charger" ramp at the back of the playfield. Nothing beats the feeling of loading all 3 balls into the Super Charger!

Based on a car chase and (hopeful) getaway from the Cops, this pinball is one of the classics by designer Steve Ritchie.

Once you complete the traffic lights and get the final ball into the lock, you have "The Getaway" multiball! Along with many other modes, mini games and a sound track by ZZ Top, this machine is great fun to play for all ages.

We have also modified this pinball to have Red and Blue Police Lights on the top of the machine, and Police cars with flashing lights on the playfield. Along with replacing all the old lamps with new LED lamps, these mods really enhance the game, and make it come to life during Multiball and other features...

Short and Long Term hires available.

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Below is the original promotional video for the machine...

We know you'll like what you see!